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The Protestant Reformation Explained

Posted by Fr. James Marshall on 5/19/17

I have been reading a series of articles on the Protestant Reformation that are very well done. Ken Hensley is a convert to the Catholic Church which gives him a better insight into Protestant thinking. I hope you enjoy this.

Fr. Jim

Ken Hensley

Before becoming Catholic, I was ... Read More »

Our Lady of Fatima

Posted by Fr. James Marshall on 5/10/17



“The true meaning of Fatima is that God has spoken to us through Mary, the Blessed Mother of His Son. We should pause long enough to reflect that it is not strange for God to speak to us, since He loves us far ... Read More »

Saint Peter Chanel, Priest and Martyr

Posted by Fr. James Marshall on 4/28/17

Saint Peter Chanel was born in the town of Cuet in France in 1803. After ordination to the priesthood, he was engaged in pastoral work for a few years. He joined the Marists and journeyed to Oceania to preach the Gospel. Despite many hardships he converted some of the ... Read More »

On Contradiction

Posted by Fr. James Marshall on 3/16/17

I read this today and I wanted to share it with all of you. Fr. Schall is a brilliant scholar and teacher.

On Contradiction

James V. Schall, S.J.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

In classical philosophy, human beings are called “rational animals.” Why so? They are certainly animals with a ... Read More »

The Wisdom of Saint John Paul II

Posted by Fr. James Marshall on 2/28/17

Saint Paul explains the meaning of the Cross at the beginning of his First Letter to the Corinthians. The Christian community in Corinth was going through a turbulent period, exposed to the corrupting influences of the surrounding culture. Those dangers are similar to the ones we encounter today. I ... Read More »


Posted by Fr. James Marshall on 2/13/17



What am I going to do for Lent this year?

I would like to do something that will help me to grow in my knowledge and love for Christ and his Church well beyond the Lenten season.

So then, what can I ... Read More »

Fatima at 100

Posted by Fr. James Marshall on 1/13/17

Fatima, according to Fulton J. Sheen will play a pivotal role in the transformation and conversion of the world. She made it quite clear that there would be a time of trial but that in the end that through the triumph of her Immaculate Heart humanity would triumph which ... Read More »

New Year Resolution

Posted by Fr. James Marshall on 1/03/17

NEW YEARS RESOLUTION Every New Year is an opportunity to start again to make a fresh start and maybe accomplish some of those things that you would really like to do: like losing weight or finally, with the help of God’s grace quit smoking; or maybe go back to ... Read More »

A People of the WORD

Posted by Fr. James Marshall on 12/24/16

I hope and pray that the new born infant Jesus Christ will fill all hearts with a supernatural joy that transcends all human limitations!

You know that I love to share good articles that touch on the most important things of our faith. I hope you enjoy this article ... Read More »

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Posted by Fr. James Marshall on 12/12/16

What a wonderful Feast Day for the Church. The Virgin of Guadalupe appeared to Saint Juan Diego in 1531 almost five hundred years ago and left a image of herself that is still a mystery even with the advanced technological tools at our disposal. The miraculous image attracts millions of ... Read More »