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Apr 16, 2018


I want to thank our building committee, and all the volunteers who helped get our capital campaign off to a great start. The response was overwhelmingly positive and I am confident that we will be able to successfully reach our goal, with the help of God’s grace. This campaign has been a long time coming and will require a sacrificial commitment from all of us. It will be well worth the sacrifice however, because of the benefits our community will reap from the construction of these new facilities.

The success of our campaign depends on all of us actively participating in it, through prayer and sacrificial giving. Our prayer must be the first thing, because it enlists the help and graces that only God can give, while at same time helping us to keep our thoughts focused on the campaign itself. Our prayer should be that the Lord will help us all to remain enthusiastic about this project and make us willing to do everything we can to make it happen.

I am sure that as we begin this project the Lord will continue to strengthen and encourage us. May the Lord bless and encourage all of you. Amen!

Let us continue to trust in the Lord, who has saved us and set us free.



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