Sacred Music

Sep 27, 2018

The song Ave Verum Corpus, a Eucharistic hymn most famously put to music by Mozart, is commonly attributed to Pope Innocent VI. It was sung during the elevation of the Host at Mass in the Middle Ages, and was also sometimes used during Benediction. Read the lyrics below. Think of the elevation while you listen to the beautiful presentation.


Ave verum corpus, natum
de Maria Virgine,[2]
vere passum, immolatum
in cruce pro homine
cuius latus perforatum
fluxit aqua et sanguine:[3]
esto nobis praegustatum
in mortis examine.[4]

O Iesu dulcis, O Iesu pie,
O Iesu, fili Mariae.
Miserere mei. Amen.[5]

Hail, true Body, born
of the Virgin Mary,
having truly suffered, sacrificed
on the cross for mankind,
from whose pierced side
water and blood flowed:
Be for us a foretaste [of the Heavenly banquet]
in the trial of death!

O sweet Jesus, O holy Jesus,
O Jesus, son of Mary,
have mercy on me. Amen.