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A People of the WORD

Posted by Fr. James Marshall on 12/24/16

I hope and pray that the new born infant Jesus Christ will fill all hearts with a supernatural joy that transcends all human limitations!

You know that I love to share good articles that touch on the most important things of our faith. I hope you enjoy this article ... Read More »

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Posted by Fr. James Marshall on 12/12/16

What a wonderful Feast Day for the Church. The Virgin of Guadalupe appeared to Saint Juan Diego in 1531 almost five hundred years ago and left a image of herself that is still a mystery even with the advanced technological tools at our disposal. The miraculous image attracts millions of ... Read More »

Fidel Castro

Posted by Fr. James Marshall on 12/01/16

The death of Fidel Castro, who ruled Cuba with an iron fist for over fifty years has given rise to many comments both good and bad. Fidel Castro was a vicious tyrant, an evil man, who forced the people of Cuba to except the atheistic Marxist ideal that he ... Read More »