Time to Pray!

Last Sunday's Gospel was all about prayer. "Jesus told his disciples a parable about the necessity for them to pray always without becoming weary" (Luke 18:1). Prayer should be the first thing we do not the last resort. All to often we fail to ask for God's help and guidance even when we are confronted with truly monumental challenges, like getting married or, what kind of profession to choose. It seems to me that many people don't have a plan of action to deal with life. This plan is something that many people don't even consider because they haven't yet had to deal with a real crisis or been forced to make a tough decision that doesn't have an easy answer. None of us can completely avoid trials and difficulties, but we can be prepared.

I believe that we are at a turning point in our nation. The upcoming election could impact an entire generation of Americans because the next president will probably be nominating two to three judges for the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court in my life time has made so many bad decisions that have negatively impacted our nation, the worst of which is Roe vs. Wade. Nine justices overturned the established law of all fifty states on abortion. This decision more than any other has left our nation in a constant state of turmoil. It has divided our nation in ways that only slavery could. This is why I am encouraging you all to pray every day for our country regarding this election because of what is at stake. As Catholics we must never vote for men or women that promote the culture of death by defending the so called "right to choose." I hope that all of us will take the time before we vote to ask for God's wisdom regarding our vote.

Intention: That our choices reflect the Gospel of Life. For our families. For peace in our country and in the world.

"O Blessed Rosary of Mary, sweet chain which unites us to God, bond of love which unites us to the angels, tower of salvation against the assaults of Hell, safe port in our universal shipwreck, we will never abandon you. You will be our comfort in the hour of death: yours our final kiss as life ebbs away. And the last word from our lips will be your sweet name, O Queen of the Rosary of Pompei, O dearest Mother, O Refuge of Sinners, O Sovereign Consoler of the Afflicted. May you be everywhere blessed, today and always, on earth and in heaven