Liturgy Corner July 24, 2022 - Music Ministry

The last, but certainly not the least, liturgical ministry is the Music Ministry.  The function of the Music Ministry is to lead the faithful in song.  They lead us in singing the parts of Holy Mass.  They lead us in the hymns.  The Music Ministry is open to anyone and requires weekly attendance at practices.  Each Mass at San Clemente has its own choir, each with a choir director.  Directors are given the option to sing the parts of Holy Mass in Latin, Spanish, or English.  They are also given direction on which hymns to choose each week.  In addition to a director and members, a choir may also have an accompanist (guitar, piano, or organ) and a Cantor.  The documents of the Second Vatican Council call for and give direction to singing at Holy Mass and encourage the faithful to participate.  Cantors are specially trained to chant the Responsorial Psalm during the Liturgy of the Word.  They are included in the Opening Procession with the Lectors.  Cantors normally lead the Responsorial Psalm from the Ambo and thus need to be in a State of Grace to receive Holy Communion.  Choir members are lay persons desiring to lead the faithful in song, thus giving back to God the gift He has given.