Liturgy Corner - July 26, 2020 - God’s Building: The Place for the Liturgical Assembly Gathered

God’s Building: The Place for the Liturgical Assembly Gathered as One Body in Christ—Churches are set up with liturgy in mind, as that is where we gather for liturgy; it is our worship space.  Contained within our worship space is the nave, the main body of the church and the area in which the assembly gathers.  It is in this space that we gather for Holy Mass, baptisms, funerals, weddings, etc.  It is in this space that we process, are sprinkled with Holy Water, sing, listen, respond, pray in unity and pray in private.  It is also where musicians gather to lead us in song.  In it we find the Baptismal Font, the Confessional, the Stations of the Cross, the Paschal Candle, statues of saints.  Also in our worship space is the sanctuary.  It is the space where the Altar and Ambo stand, where the priest, deacon, and other ministers (Altar Servers and Lectors) exercise their offices.  It is where the Tabernacle is usually located.  Also contained within this space is the Presiders chair, a Crucifix, a Sanctuary Candle (if the Tabernacle is in the sanctuary).  The sanctuary is set apart from the nave, oftentimes by being elevated or a change in flooring.  It is where heaven and earth come together.  Some churches, such as ours, will have a cry room, which is part of the nave.  The church also contains a sacristy where items for liturgy are kept and where the ministers gather to prepare for liturgy.  All items contained within a church building are liturgical.  Each has a place in how we worship.  For example, the Ambo is the Table of the Word and where the Readings and Gospel are proclaimed.  The Altar is the Table of Sacrifice and is the center of attention and the place from which the Eucharist is celebrated. In normal times, we approach the sanctuary to receive Holy Eucharist—heaven and earth come together…  More next week, Gay Snell