Las Posadas at San Clemente Catholic Church

At San Clemente, Christmas is an important holiday season with strong traditions. One of the most colorful and fun filled traditions is Las Posadas, celebrated every evening from December 16th to the 24th.  This celebration re-enacts Saint Joseph's and the Blessed Virgin's cold and difficult journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem in search of shelter (posada). 

Please call the Parish Office (865-7385)  if you have any questions about this wonderful event. Feliz Navidad!

2019 Las Posadas Schedule 

Date Time Host Address
Monday, Dec. 16 7pm San Antonio MIssion Los Lentes NE and Trujillo Rd.
Tuesday,Dec. 17 7pm Jeremy & Jennifer Cordova Phone: 505-702-3971
Wednesday,Dec.18 7pm Amanda Miranda

Phone: 505-980-2311         

Thursday, Dec. 19 7pm Jerome & Dawn Barreras

Phone 505-507-0214

Friday, Dec. 20th 7pm Peter & Marianna Klon

Phone: 206-459-5842

Saturday, Dec. 21 7pm Albert & Pilar Segura


Sunday, Dec. 22 7pm Melanie Chavez Phone: 505-400-8966
Monday, Dec. 23  7pm John & Casey Tafoya

Phone: 505-865-0164 or 505-859-2231 

Sunday, Dec. 24 5pm San Clemente Church Children's Play San Clemente Church