244 Luna Ave NE, Los Lunas, NM 87031

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Rosary Makers

Mission Statement 

We are the hands and feet of Our Lady. Through our labor of love we
provide mission rosaries to our parish and several charity organizations.

The Rosary Makers' Prayer

Dearest Mother, to you we pray, bless the rosaries we make today,
with loving hands we add each bead, then with trust in you,
we further plead. Bless the ones who in foreign lands,
reach for them with outstretched hands, and we pray that God
will hear our call for a WORLD UNITED and PEACE FOR ALL.

Our Lady's Rosary Makers Ministry members make rosaries for endings and beginnings, for the needy and the lonely, for families, for healing, for peace, for every day. Rosary makers also make rosaries for missions around the world.  Our rosaries are distributed to nursing homes, military members in combat zones, other New Mexico churches, children receiving their First Holy Communion, and prison ministry.  All rosary's are made with private donations and are never sold.  The rosary makers meet weekly on Tuesdays in the Parish Hall. 

Laraine Cowman is the coordinator of Our Lady’s Rosary Makers. If you are interested in this rewarding ministry, please contact the Parish Office with any questions.